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If you use Metamask as your wallet, a Claim Refund button will appear below.

If you have used other wallets, such as MyEtherWallet, you can follow our guide or you can contact us at [email protected].


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If you contribute again the same amount you have contributed in Phase 1 or more, you will get a 40% bonus on your token purchases at the end of the ICO.


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IMPORTANT: Set Gas Limit to 115000

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You'll get 40% bonus at the end of the ICO if you contribute - ETH or more

SPECIAL +5% trade.io community bonus
(delivered at the end of the ICO)


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Buy BTNT with TIO

Thanks to our partnership with Trade.io, you can buy BitNautic Tokens (BTNT) with your TIO Tokens.
You can send TIO tokens to our address


IMPORTANT: This address is intended for contributions using TIO Tokens only!
Please, do NOT send ETH to this address.

Once sent, insert the transaction hash or the Etherscan.io link of the transaction in the box below and click the SEND button.
Our Payments Team will handle your request and will assign you an amount of BTNT calculated using Bancor's exchange rate for the ETH/TIO pair at the moment of the transaction, plus all applicable bonuses.
Your request has been submitted!

Ethereum Wallet Address

IMPORTANT: Provide an Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet address, e.g. MetaMask (recommended), MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity.

IMPORTANT: You can whitelist only one Ethereum address, so please be careful!

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT use a wallet from ANY exchange (some examples: Bittrex, Kraken, Coinbase or Poloniex).

Enter the Ethereum wallet address from where you will be sending your contribution and where you will receive BTNT tokens in the field below.

If you don't have an Ethereum wallet yet, read our tutorial and create yours now!

ID Verification

ID Verification - Tier 1

Contributions up to USD 3,000

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication is a required step for Tier 2 ID Verification and contributions above USD 3,000.

Step 1

Download and install an authenticator app, such as Authy (recommended, Play Store, App Store) or Google Authenticator (Play Store, App Store).

Step 2

Scan this QR Code with the authenticator app or copy this secret code (case insensitive):

Step 3

Insert the One Time Code from the authenticator app in the field below.

Wrong code! Google Authenticator has a known bug with iPhone X, please use Authy (App Store)

ID Verification - Tier 2

Contributions up to USD 500,000

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Invite your friends to the BitNautic platform using this referral link!

When your affiliates buy tokens, you'll also receive a percentage of the amount they've bought, depending on the affiliate level.

Users that register on BitNautic using your referral link are your 1st level affiliates.
Their 1st level affiliates become your 2nd level affiliates and so on.

For example, if Alice invites Bob to BitNautic and Bob buys 1000 BTNT tokens, Alice receives 70 BTNT tokens (7% of 1000 BTNT - 1st level affiliate).
If Bob invites Charlie to BitNautic and Charlie, too, buys 1000 BTNT tokens, Bob receives 70 BTNT tokens and Alice receives 50 BTNT tokens (5% of 1000 BTNT - 2nd level affiliate).

1st Level Affiliates - 7% bonus

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2nd Level Affiliates - 5% bonus

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3rd Level Affiliates - 3% bonus

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4th Level Affiliates - 1% bonus

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